Thursday, October 2, 2008

This post includes a picture of Adam Brody- You know it's going to be good!

I would like to say that my celebrity crush would end when I turned 22. Unfortunately, it hasn't and it has gotten a little more pathetic. This week our professors from Texas A&M University came to visit us in Windermere to check up on us and see how the program is working out. Tuesday night they hosted a dinner at a well-know fancy restaurant in town for our mentor teachers, headmasters and anyone involved with the program. It was a group of about 18. The restaurant had music playing quietly in the background. Of course The OC theme song "California" played and I immediately jumped from my seat in a 7 year old girlish scream as if Adam Brody himself had just entered the room! All the important people, actually ALL the people, looked at me as if in embarrassment, thinking "why did we send this 7 year old over here to represent us?" "Did she really just jump from her seat?". I quickly nodded and awkwardly sat back in my seat as the whole room was watching me in amazement. Im talking jaws dropped. Its like something that would happen to the awkward, nerdy, ugly girl in a movie.

So it's official. My crush on Adam Brody has officially gotten in the way of my professional life.
I'd like to tell you that is the only time I have thought about Adam Brody in a while. Well, sadly it isn't :/
Before I left for England I had a dream that he was sitting in the window seat next to me when I got to my seat on the plane. And also every time we go to a big city like London or Edinburgh I tell my roommates to keep an eye out for Adam Brody....I mean you never know!!! He could be vacationing.....

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Or looking for YOU!