Tuesday, October 14, 2008

School Videos

Some of my 6th grade students dancing and singing their Science song to High School Musical. A-dorable. 

This is a lesson I did with my 6th grade Math students called Barbie Bungee. I first learned about this lesson last semester in my Methods classes and decided to try it out. It went Brilliantly! This is a video I made as a promotional video that the school used during Open House when trying to recruit prospective students. 
T'was a hit. 


LAstar said...

taylor, i gotta say...you are doing such an amazing job! i am totally blown away by the things you post on your blog about teaching - i envy you! good job my friend! :)

Taylor said...

Thanks Lauren for the encouragement! It is going great so far, and I only have a month left to teach them! :(