Monday, October 13, 2008


Today I got to do something I never thought I would do. But then again this whole semester has been full of things I never thought I would do. But this weekend went above and beyond. The experiences I am having over here, so far, have been to places I haven’t even thought of going to. Liverpool has always been a city I have wanted to visit.
When I was 14 I fell in love with the Beatles about 40 years too late. I listened to their hit songs on repeat, plastered their posters on my wall and wished I had been born and lived through that era and still do. Being so close to their hometown and not going would feel like betrayal in a way, and I couldn’t let them down as a fan!

(Strawberry Fields)

Booking this weekend was very difficult. Because of those four outstanding artists, Liverpool has become the Capital of Culture and has forever changed image of the city. In addition to the popular futbol team, Liverpool has grown into a breeding ground for fame seeking starving musicians and artists who contribute to the wild young nightlife. It houses many art schools and museums and there is something going on every weekend, hence the difficulty to get a room for this weekend.
We had to book 3 weeks in advance, which only contributed to my heightened anticipation.

IM GOING TO LIVERPOOL! TO see the birthplace of the BEATLES!!!! AHHHHH!
This is as close as I can get to stepping back in time and living my dream as a 1960’s teenager deeply mesmerized
and hypnotized by Beatlemania! I get to walk down the same streets they did, go to the same pubs they played at and even get a glimpse of the homes they grew up in (if I’m lucky).
The Beatles Story Museum is absolutely incredible. It gives you everything you need to know about the Beatles but doesn’t come across as overwhelming. The audio guided tour led us through renditions of famous Beatles landmarks and covered every milestone.

That night we went on a Pub Crawl on Mathew Street, which houses THE famous Cavern Club, the stage of the Beatles. Surreal. That is a
 word I could use to describe it. Even though the original was demolished in the 70's it was rebuilt only feet away as close to the original as possible. Sitting on a stool, having a drink, I tried to picture what it would have been like to see them up on stage in a packed room and be a part of the girls screaming for them. Because you know I would. NSYNC had my heart and they don’t even come close to the Beatles Revolution.

(Twistin' to the Twist and Shout inside "The Cavern")

The next day we boarded our Magical Mystery Tour to visit the following, George, Paul, Ringo, and John’s childhood homes, Penny Lane, Strawberry
Field, The church John first met Paul, The art school Paul and George went to, the place of John and Cynthia’s marriage…. and lots of other places only the crazed and obsessed would go. Yes, I fall in to that category.

(George Harrison's House)

My feelings about this weekend: Speechless. I am just so overly content I have no words.
The only downfall of the weekend is that it now highlights my desire to live in that time period even more. Tear. I will just have to live through imaginations.

(Paul Mc Cartney's House)

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