Monday, October 13, 2008

British Hotties FOUND!

If anyone is wondering where all the attractive British men are….the are CONGREGATING in Liverpool by the hundreds!!!! I’m talking left, right, up down. It’s almost like you can’t get away from them. There are a couple Ligers out there so you have to watch out, but if you are just in the mood to window shop, Liverpool is where its at.

This may contribute slightly to my now new obsession with Liverpool. I REALLY liked London but that has fallen to a close second following the hip and trendy Liverpool reigning at first! I just love the feeling of the city. At first I was completely intimidated by it but over the weekend that feeling of uncomfortableness was replaced with an irreplaceable love for the city. It doesn’t feel like a place that has thousands of years of important history because it is masked by the modern feel and architect of it. Maybe the modern-ness is what threw me off.
Anyway, it is by the water, which I love. It is artistic and musical, which I LOVE and it is completely geared towards the young people. I have never seen such a crowd. Beautiful men or not…it was just….fun! By far my new favorite city.

But then again I haven’t been to Cairo, Prague, Amsterdam, Krakow, Berlin, Paris, or Ireland yet.

And they are JUST as obsessed with our accent as we are with theirs ;) it makes for a a good night.

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