Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Periodic Table

Today in my Year 8 (7th grade) Chemistry class we were going over the periodic table. To start, my teacher Ms. Herron, just asked students to volunteer with names of elements.

Ms H: "yes Grace"

Grace: "orange"

Ms H: "Orange? haha, no not orange. Lets get our CHEMISTRY thinking caps on. Someone else give me the name of an element."

Harriet: "kinetic!"

Ms H: "hahahaha NO! thats physics! we are in CHEMISTRY!" "Think about the periodic table." "Ole"

Ole: "movement?"


This lack of 7th grade common knowledge could be the result of one of two things.
1) the kids arent as bright as we would think they should be in 7th GRADE!
2) the result of a confusing and completely not necessary time table (aka schedule)

You see the kids go to the SAME teacher 3 times a week. Once for Physics, Once for Biology and Once for Chemistry. Rather than spend 8th grade in Biology and 9th in Chemistry...etc....they do all 3 every year! Hence the illusion of bright kids coming across as dumb.

They also say Aluminum funny.

Ah-LOOOOO- min-EEEE- um

Crazy Brits.....

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