Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lovely Sundy

Thanks to Pandora my new musical obsession is Ernie Halter. His voice is beautiful and his creative talent is perfect for fall.

Today is close to perfect in my book. Ernie Halter on in the kitchen while I bake cupcakes. The Cowboy game mumbles in the living room. My new anthro candle scents the whole house. The rain makes it perfect for slippers and hot chocolate. The only thing missing is me in an oversized sweatshirt that belongs to a boy and this nonexistent man watching the cowboys game on the couch waiting to eat my fresh baked cupcakes.

I be somewhere in the horizon. These thoughts of oversized boy scented sweatshirts are proof enough. Ehh... we will see.

Also, Im a little confused as to why the Kansas City Chiefs are wearing their old "Texans" uniform. I understand they used to be the Dallas Texans back in the early 60's but they are NOT anymore so why wear their throwback uniforms? Must be some important day in history. oh well.

Ps. Cowboys, you better pick it up.

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