Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh Brown

Had a wonderful chat with this lovely lady tonight.

{photo taken Aug 2007}
I miss her.
I miss all of the TANCD house roomies
and also senior year of college
when there was not a care in the world.
when we would fountain hop
and eat queso for every meal.
When football games ruled our weekends
and I could keep my eyes open later than 10pm on a weekday
Take me back to the simple life.


Alex said...

I miss the TANCD house sooo much. Remember the night I got us into the Visitor Center and we took cookie cake? I miss you!

Taylor said...

yes i remember that night VERY clearly! Fantastic memory :)

Caroline Henley said...

I meant to comment earlier... I MISS YOU!! let's talk again soon. and yes i loooveee the night we went to the Visitor Center to steal cookie cake :)