Sunday, October 18, 2009

The post that never was

This week last year I was shaking as I stepped off the scariest flight I had ever been on. AirItalia was like a well worn t-shirt that had never been washed. Aka. Disgusting. Body odor and all. Also, a chair was missing and another one was only being held together by duct tape. Sketchy. I felt as if the plane was to fall into shambles at any second during the three hour flight from Rome to Cairo.

When we arrived, 17 year old police men lined the airport with guns, cocked and ready. Everything in Arabic, nothing familiar. Everything scary. terrifying.  I remember questioning my sanity.Who in their right mind would come with another female blonde American to an Arabic country without men?
I remember finding comfort with this verse

"The fear of man will prove to be a snare: but those who trust in the Lord shall be safe. "
Proverbs 29:25

The hagglers, oh the hagglers. I denied speaking English and all other languages but they were so persistent those persistenters. Egyptians know way to many languages. Finally I sheepishly lied that I only spoke Finnish and was from Finland. He threw his hands up giving in and walked away.  Dont get it twisted- I used that one the rest of the trip. Worked like a charm. 

Egypt was beautifully disgusting. If it wasnt for all of the filfth and waste and dead donkeys in the Nile Egypt is incredible. Palm trees sprinkle the desert accompanied with patches of green. Ive never seen more beautiful sunsets. Thanks God :)

The pyramids are unreal. The thought that these have been in existence before Jesus walked this earth in mind-blowing.  

One year later I finally get around to compiling my video clips summing up my dream vacay. Filth aside it was FANTASTIC!

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Anonymous said...

I read your post about travelling to Egypt. I completely agree with what you mentioned about Egyptians interferring in ppl's affairs besides Felthy scenes but above all Egypt is really fantastic..