Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New love of my life

You know what else Im really in to? 

Cheese Fries. 

I cant get enough. Last night I dreamt about eating cheese fries. 
I have written a little note to my current and long term love, the cheeseburger. 

Dear Cheeseburgers,
I know it was love at first taste between us. 
You are one I look forward to seeing everyday. 
I miss you during days apart.  
You know I will always love you
 If I were you I'd watch out.
You might quickly be replaced by these 
 melt in your mouth
 pretty please
 with bacon on top 
pommes frites

In order to stay number one on my list..try adding bacon to your party. It might help. 

la beast


Alex said...

CHEESE FRIES. I dream about these too. nom nom nom nom

Vanessa said...

Mmmm cheese fries. They are so delicious so I can totally see why you'd be dreaming about them! YUM!

Lauren said...

Mmmmm...cheese fries. So tasty. Especially when dipped in ranch! I want some rightthissecond.