Sunday, June 7, 2009

:::The art of Texting:::

I am over texting. I'm too impatient. I definitely don't expect an immediate response, but I do expect a timely response. ESPECIALLY if I did not initiate the conversation. I understand not being at your phone, being busy, whatever...I am not always by my phone either, but the world is getting lazy with text messages. 
Since when is it ok to not answer a question? and what is it with guys especially? Do you look at the text message and literally wait 3 hours to respond EVERY TIME. But when asked you say "girls like it like that" and wink with your adorable smile. 

UMM NO. actually...I dont. I dont care if you are Brad Pitt, or that sexy lead from the Star Trek movie, or even James Morrison....I dont like getting a text 69 hours later that doesn't even answer my question. I wish I could say this is an isolated incident.

I am over flirtexting. I'm too impatient.


Randy said...

But flirtexting is one of your self-proclaimed expertises!

JP said...

GMA did a story on sexting. Maybe you should try that?