Tuesday, June 23, 2009

:::Pretty Princess:::

Ok. I'm over babysitting. I feel old enough to be going WITH the parents rather than staying at home with their children. I babysat Saturday night as a complete favor for my roommate. There was zero excitement (sorry Kelly) in fact a tiny bit of resentment because I could have stayed out on the lake longer or seen the new love interest a little earlier. 

But then I remembered the other reason why I had agreed ($$$) and sucked it up. I must admit...three year olds aint my thang. I have said before that I'd rather spend all day with 120 twelve-year-olds than 3 hours with 6 three-year-olds. Im too sarcastic for them. I make them cry. I also am too competitive and get frustrated when they want to MAKE UP THEIR OWN RULES for a board game. "Im sorry...thats not how you play monopoly..." aaaaaand what 3 year old decides its a good idea to play Monopoly anyway. Its NEVER a good idea to play Monopoly for the sole reason that you are still playing Monopoly 5 hours later! Thats another story, another time. 

Saturday night I went to see a 10 year old who I adore and a 3 year old that hates me. I think we made progress. She "let" me wear her crown and every piece of jewelry from her Pretty Pretty Princess game.

I felt honored. Despite my previous feelings on the matter, I had fun. She then let me put every piece of jewelry on her and I have decided that God couldn't have created anything more beautiful than little girls playing dress up.
Thanks God! :)

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