Thursday, June 11, 2009

There are 6 ROTATIONS in the SKY

Whilst watching "So you think you can Dance" (aka, the reason I live) the thunderstorm warnings kept popping up all over the screen. I have UVERSE (get it) and the most amazing feature is you can cancel those warnings and go back to regular t.v. I had to do that about 69 times which was a little more than frustrating. Then they cut to the weather on an Austin News station. Apparently...I was exiting out of tornado warnings. They showed the storm cloud with 6 ROTATIONS above my house.

So I screamed from my bedroom
"KELLY....there are SIX ROTATIONS!!"


"There are SIX ROTATIONS!"
She laughs...alot and then said "Taylor I love you. What are we supposed to do about this?"

I respond urgently and pacing around "We need to come up with a plan. Our plan... Pantry or closet. Its not big enough for both of us so we might have to split up"

She looks at me and laughs again. "Concernicus, FINE lets go to the closet"

What do you bring with you when there is a tornado and you are going in the closet..I mean when i was younger my brother and I once got our bikes from the garage and brought them to our tornado shelter in the closet under the stairs. My parents werent too pleased. They let us keep the helmets.

Well here's what my brain gathered this time around
ALL of my bedding (6 pillows, a body pillow and my comforter)
Laptops (naturally)
Handtops (iphones)
and chocolate chip cookies (duh) This is how my brain works.

Then I look up and on the back of Kelly's closet door is a shoe rack. All of her stilettos turned into daggers instantly. Poisonous projectiles I vividly imagined taking my life during the tornado that was to demolish our house.
UM death by shoe? Say there was a tornado..and lets say it came to our house..and maybe lets say the adorable red heel from top left plummeted down and took my life... I'd want to be classified as death by shoe. No tornado casualty here. no ma'am. It was not the tornado that killed was that shoe from the top left.

For future reference if this situation were to EVER happen (unlikely) I want it in the Newspaper as "Death by Shoe"

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