Tuesday, June 2, 2009

:::Things that make me completely happy:::

1. Speaking in British accents
2. This cup of hot chocolate
3. Men in scarfs
4. Notes from my students
5. Saving money
6. Sonic Sweet Tea
7. Being productive
8. Fantastic nicknames (I was just named, "The Beast of the Serengeti"-and its in for the long run. I'm not letting this one go)
9. The 4th of July
10. Getting goosebumps
11. Making up words
12. Pandora
13. Buying things on sale at Anthropologie
14. Someone else driving so I can be the passenger
15. Smores
16. Not having to wake up to an alarm
17. Seeing guys read books
18. Going to my students after school activities
19. Poppies
20. Being surprised
21. Singing and thinking "Man, I sounded good just then"

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