Monday, June 22, 2009

:::Penny Trees:::

Today in class each student planted two lima beans in their own cup of soil. After they were finished we put a penny over the area where the lima beans were buried.

 I inform the students, "Over the next few weeks we will be observing what happens to the penny"

"Kyle" my "ghetto, good-looking for a 15 year old and knows it" student pipes up in all seriousness, 

"Hey Miss! We growin dat penny tree?"

I, of course, hold back the laughter which resulted in an embarrassing "snort" of sorts and respond
"yeah and then we are gonna take it on down to the penny forest where all the penny elves live and frolic with pennies beneath the rainbow"

"Miss! you know pennies do on grown on doese trees"

What?!?! is that a sentence. Try that again in English "Kyle".

A student looked up from his work in reaction to our conversation. 

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