Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Did you just Waldorf her a**?"

For those of you Gossip Girl fans, I am coining a new term.
Blair Waldorf is a teenage popular Queen Bee in the Upper East side of Manhattan on the show Gossip Girl. I love Blair not only because she is beautiful but because she pulls out moves that none of us would even consider doing. She is our inner b*tch. But when it comes to her friends, its time to get down to business. She usually plans conniving attacks to humiliate the person at fault, kill them with her death stare or just simply sends them to shambles with her quick, witty and oh so articulate comebacks and lectures.

We all wish we could stick up for ourselves at some point or another but we all know nothing would be as effective if we didn't do it Waldorf style.

So giving someone a piece of your mind= you just "waldorfed"

For example.
"Man that girl was giving me looks, so I just waldorfed her ass"

"GRR, this person is irritating me, I can't wait to pull a waldorf"

when your ex boyfriend is completely incompetent as a human being and needs setting straight
"yeah my best friend just waldorfed his ass!"

Thanks Danielle.

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