Monday, November 10, 2008

High School Musical 3

Ok. It's official. I think I could very well be the biggest 22 year old loser on our good planet Earth. As many of you know I am an avid High School Musical fan partly because I wish my life was a musical and because I secretly want to be Gabriella and dance around with Troy (Zac Efron) the fictional high school male that Disney created that doesn't exist, nor will he ever exist.
With the negative conotations attached to a 22 year old liking High School Musical, I will let you know that my obsession has helped in my career believe it or not. My knowledge of the songs and embarrassing iTunes library to prove it has actually boosted my reputation as a teacher and even helped establish a relaxed and trusting relationship with my students. Because my students liked the new HSM motion picture and continued raving about it, the suspense heightened to a level that couldn't wait. I HAD to see it.

So after casually suggesting it to the roommates, I was quickly shot down resulting in a quiet evening by myself at the movies. Honestly I was kind of excited about it! Time to myself is treasured and a rare gem in our tiny, thin walled, cramped cottage. So I put on my new jacket, bundled up in my scarf and gloves and set off on my peaceful walk down to the cinema. The air was a cool crisp, something we never experience in Texas.

I got to the theatre, purchased my 10 dollar ticket and made my way to the "concession stand". I chose salty popcorn over sweet. Yes they have a choice. A decision I soon regretted but then fixed with the addition of peanut M&Ms. YUM! I trotted myself up the steps of the tiny local cinema into a door with no label. I entered the theatre to find it completely empty with the drumming of video production noises in the background. The screen looked like a puppet stage. Curtain and all. I turned around in confusion. It's a Friday night!!! Where are all the 9 year old children? In doing so I almost ran smack into a 30 year old male.

"Have you come to enjoy High School Musical alone?" in a male British accent

I look around from side to side "Yep! Looks as though!"

"Right. Then I'll go put it on for you"

YES! I am at a movie alone on a Friday night AND ITS HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!!!! I have reached a new low.
Well it didn't faze me. I continued to eat my popcorn mix alone in the theatre. I thought my embarrassment and humiliation was going to make it unseen until 3 minutes in to the previews. Two teenage girls walk in. About 16 or 17.

They stop dead in their tracks. "Ms Terry? Is that you?!?!?!
Crap! I've been spotted. I sunk further in my chair.
"Yes?" I debated whether or not to admit it.
"Cool" They walked to their seats directly two rows in front of me.
Phew! I was in the clear. No more embarrassing confrontation.
EXCEPT I don't doubt that they will go back to the 6th formers (junior/seniors in high school) and tell them they spotted Ms Terry, the American teacher at HSM3 by HERSELF on a Friday evening.

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Christi Lenihan said...

I love it! Don't worry, I totally want to see HSM 3 too, and I might even go see it by myself too. I have you to thank for even seeing the first HSMs, since you were the one who would put them on at the deeg and sing and dance along to them. :)