Thursday, November 27, 2008


Never ever EVER have I wanted to teleport myself back to America more than right now!

Thanksgiving is my absolute FAVORITE holiday and I am in a country that is the reason we even have a Thanksgiving! If it wasn't for these crazy Brits the pilgrims wouldn't have wanted to leave, which means they wouldn't have landed in America and needed to give thanks to the Indians for a successful harvest so they could survive the winter (the second time around). Oh the irony.

I yearn to be home with family. To smell the array of foods being cooked. To be re taught how to make the green beans (you'd think I would have it down by now) To work on a puzzle with my cousins in the back room. To munch on M&M's all day that some how still doesn't spoil my appetite. To load my plate with mashed potatoes because we only get the "good kind" once a year! To watch the Cowboys game in their throwback uniform and the lonestar showdown the next day. Go Aggies! Then of course it wouldn't be complete without a game of football outside with the family afterwards. It is very difficult to explain the importance and obsession of "american football" to these "soccer" fans. They don't understand how great of a sport it is!
I yearn to eat my grandmothers double fudge cookies and even to have some pumpkin pie. I have never wanted pumpkin pie before until now! I think it's the whole, "want what you cant have" idea.

I just want to be home on my favorite holiday......

Now I have to wait a whole YEAR before it comes again :(

But since I am obsessed with the holiday I thought I'd share some interesting facts about this joyful season

1. Abraham Lincoln was the one who declared the final Thursday in November to be a national day of Thanksgiving over 200 years later

2. Congress didn't make it a national holiday until 1941

3. Minnesota is the top turkey producing state

4. In 1939 Franklin Roosevelt changed thanksgiving to the 3rd Thursday of November to make the holiday shopping season longer which in turn would stimulate the economy

5. Californians are the largest consumers of turkey in the United States

And this thanksgiving, I am be AMERICAN