Monday, November 24, 2008


England has a national charity and annually raise money for children in need. Schools, organizations and work places all over the country put on fundraisers for it every year. Friday my students put on our fundraiser in the form of a talent show. It was a movie mimic and each 6th, 7th and 8th grade homeroom put on their own performance to be judged. Well the teachers had a surprise performance following the last act. Mamma Mia, Waterloo. I immediately volunteered but quickly regretted it. I got SO nervous. Like almost kind of nauseous. My palms were sweating, my heart racing! I'm not used to this. I haven't been on the stage since high school and now I am about to visit the invigorating pulse of adrenaline and make a complete FOOL of myself on stage in front of the whole school and staff.
Sounds like no big deal right. NO! The thing is my school includes high school. So when we are performing in front of the whole school that means I am performing in front of HIGH schoolers. I'll be the first to admit....SCARY! Those kids are intimidating! Which is why I am a MIDDLE school teacher. I can only handle 11, 12 yrs max.

So anyway the curtains are closed and the music starts too early! I do NOT do well with improvising. I was on a precision drill team. The curtains open late and the first thing I see are my adorable students sitting first row smiling back at me cheering me on. All of a sudden like Super Hero Taylor came out. A second personality in a way. I am always fun and crazy but can be shy in situations like this. I dreamt I would just stand there laughing not being able to sing and dance. NOPE the complete opposite. I was able to hold a straight face and MAN did I get into it. I don't know where this burst of energy came from but I think it had to do with my students first row :) Apparently, I was the cheesiest one up there. But oh well my students said things like "Ms Terry you ROCK!"
After coming off the stage we were chanted to come up there and do it again. Which of course made me happy.
But the best part of it all was my precious students. They did Hairspray and won first place! I am so proud of them!

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ps. apparently the peace sign laura is throwing in this picture that was taken in front of students is a highly offensive hand gesture! oops!!