Monday, February 1, 2010

Drummer Boy

I have taken a nice, long, 4 and a 1/2 day break from anything computer. No email checking, no twittering (except for once yesterday) no Facebook and no blog posting. ahhhhh. I must say, it feels quite relaxing sometimes. Until I check my email this morning to all of the parent emails I had gotten over the weekend about the project that was due today in class. oops! Oh well. the weekends are my days off. I technically don't HAVE to respond.

The reason for my hiatus? Drummer boy came to visit. Previously nicknamed "nicknameless boy", but I decided drummer boy is his best description. maybe la drummer? drumsticks? Tama? Snare? China cymbal? high hat? splash? crash?
WAIT a tick......Crash sounds kinda cool.
When you see one you always have to check it out. 

wowoweeeewaaaa. Im funny.  
Crash. it. is.
(crash is a type of cymbal on a drum set)

and please, try not to drool over Crash's amazing rhythmical talent.  He's crazy good.

A special thanks to Multicolored Sprinkles for her shout out to my blog. I love giraffes. Shes neat. I like her.

Happy Week to all! Its February!
Take on a challenge with me this week.
No Complaining!
Good Luck

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haha crash is awesome good nick name!