Monday, February 1, 2010

Krickie's Engaged

This goofball best friend of mine decided to go off and get engaged. 
I admittedly think I am having a hard time with this new and upcoming  life change. 
You see, she has always been mine. Now I must share her? 
Not fair. 
No one asked me.

This picture is actually the night she met her fiance NYE 2008. Now thats a story. Remind me to tell you later. 
Congrats Krick and Tyler!


alexterry said...

Congratulations Krick!!! I hope all goes FLAWLESSLY!!! I miss you and tay tay! Perhaps you can honeymoon in Florida?! Just Kiddings, it better be somewhere amazing!

Alex said...

I can't wait for the weddinggggg

Caroline Henley said...

such a GREAT story. i hope you tell it at the wedding :)