Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Get with it.

I am really envious of people that are thoughtful. Not only thoughtful but also deliverers of this noted thoughtfulness. Are you following me? No? Let me explain.
 I am constantly thinking of my friends and family and ways to surprise or make them happy, however I am flawed. I RARELY follow through with my thoughtfulness. 

My fun friend Jordan (aside from bestie, Danielle) is the "Deliverer of Thoughtfulness". It will be etched onto her headstone. (Taylor,  you're morbid) It will be added to her business card. 

 Fun Friend Jordan won an award from University of Texas for being fantastic and this is especially  great to receive after one year of teaching. Then our school district honored her for being awarded from UT. Im ridiculously proud of her and thought for WEEKS about what to get a girl that has everything as a congratulatory gift. 

Then on the eve of her award ceremony she gives ME A GIFT. Just because. 
Just because my fun friend Jordan is awesome. 

I hate it when it this happens. 
I feel....
I feel.... Owned.
I have good intentions and I try but then BAM. Fun Friend Jordan follows through aaaand... Owned.
She gifted me when I should have gifted her. Owned. 
I am beyond grateful..but.. seriously, Taylor,
Get your S*&# together

I would also like to send more thank you cards.

Cant wait to pass out early tonight...like right now.

Notice and appreciate small favors that your co-workers do for you. And thank them whole heartedly.
Happy week!

la beast


Alex said...

I feel the saaame way. I would love to nice, cute little things for friends and family but I never know what. Hmph.

Erny said...

awww...Jordan doesn't have to get you a gift but yet she did. damn. i hate when that happens to me. it makes me feel real bad.

don't worry, you are not alone in this. i'm just as flawed as you. ;D

souljane said...

i know this feeling all too well!