Saturday, February 20, 2010

well, wasnt Thursday eventful in ATX?

Thursday an angry man expressed himself by flying his plane into a government building.

Events of the day:
5:00: my alarm freaks out thus jolting me from my dream with Adam Brody and Snoopy. Adam Brody and I were enjoying ourselves and snoopy was randomly barking in the background. Does snoopy bark?

5:30: My feet fall to the ground as heavy as weights. It was like pulling sandbags across my room with toothpicks forcing myself to the gym.

6:00-7:00 I shower (nothing exciting there) and get ready. It is important to mention that I actually straightened my hair which doesn't happen often.

7:00-7:20: "La roommate" and I bolt to work 

7:19: My memory juices decided to (semi) work inside my brain today and I remembered that I accidentally left the straightener on. because I never use it.

" F" We live 20 minutes South oneway, and I have a meeting in 20 minutes.

7:30: I desperately search and then find someone to cover my class 2nd period so I could bolt home and turn off the straightener. Confession: I am a slob at the moment. You cant see the floor in my room and my desk is a cluttered mess. I was afraid something was touching my straightener on accident and my house would be up in flames. 

9:15: I leave for the hike back home hoping to be back in time by 3rd period. 

About 15 minutes down the road I see a huge, thick, dark, black cloud of smoke over, what looks to be, possibly my neighborhood.
My first thoughts are "HOLY SMOKES! MY HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!!!!" My heart begins to beat faster and my palms begin to sweat. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGGGGGGGGGG

As I get closer I realize it was most definitely an unfortunate house fire, one of the biggest I've seen....but not mine. PHEW! I began to wonder if multiple houses were on fire. So I said a little prayer and went on my way nervous about what I would find at my home.

9:37 ish: I am still on the highway and see a small plane flying super low. My initial thoughts are 
"Oh this must be a plane going to get an arial view of the house fire." "I bet this plane is going to go pour water on this house fire. How nice"

Little did I know....

9:42 I pull into my drive way, to find my adorably painted house intact and my STRAIGHTENER OFF.
I question my sanity, relieve my bladder and text my brother before returning the 25 minute drive the other direction. 

9:50 ish: I get back onto the highway and see a second plume of black smoke coming further west from the house fire.  I thought "oh no! something else is on fire! Strange to have two buildings so badly on fire" This second plume of smoke wasn't as thick as the house fire. It looked as though it just happened. 

11:03 I get in my car to go grab lunch and hear on the radio that a plane hit a building. Once I get back,  I turn on the t.v. in my classroom. Sure enough the house fire I had driven by was Joe Stack's house he had set on fire. The airplane I saw was Joe Stack flying to the IRS building. While I was inside my house relieving my bladder the plane hit the building and the second plume of smoke I saw was from the burning IRS building. 

Creepy and weird.
I can't believe more people were not injured



Ok first of all! When I saw you had blogged I literally said thank god because I am sitting at work bored out of my mind and still have 3hrs and 26 minutes until my 30 minute break and 5 hrs and 56 minutes until I am off...can you tell I am losing my head...what a crazy day that ways! Dont feel bad I feel like I am losing my mind this week and I totally know I left my curling iron on...but nope if it burns the condo down it burns it down lol...Ill blog soon pinky swear haha

Erny said...

oh wow, interesting day huh. i heard the news about Joe Stack here in Singapore. Scary....and I'm glad that you are OK and that your house is not on fire! ;D


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