Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wind Cars

Man O Man have I been in a funk lately. Hence lack of blog posts. 

Today at school we made and raced wind cars. I smile when I see my kids so excited. I even wanted to sit around and pout today but they wouldn't let me. They unknowingly brought me joy, painting a smile on my face and leaving me with a worry free mind (for the time being).  God knew what He was doing when He had me plan such a happy lesson last week, that just so happened to fall on a day I needed a pick me up.

This video displays their feet's (word?) excitement. Just imagine what their beautiful faces looked like :)

(I sound kinda bossy. Will add to list of things to fix for tomorrow)

and its mommy's 60th birthday! I cant wait go home tomorrow and surprise her with the gift!



Oh man I miss those days! I always loved the kids I taught and the smiles they most of the time brought to my face! Cant wait to finish this masters and go back!

Christopher and Amanda Nash said...

I wish i was in your class...:( You definetly had more fun than i did at school. I miss you!

chanter365 said...

You're so awesome! I'm jealous! Is the whole school in a funk? Fine arts definitely is as strung out as we've ever been.