Thursday, February 11, 2010

moustache partay

I should be doing lots of other things right now like cooking dinner, cleaning out my car, preparing my lunch for tomorrow, doing my laundry, dominating p90X ab ripper workout, tackling the last set of projects to grade orrrr PACKING for Dallas for KRICKS engagement party tomorrow. 

but no.

I would like to blog. So blogging I will do.

Yesterday Fun Friend Jordan and I celebrated moustaches at a moustache party. Well, technically a happy hour....but who doesn't like the sound of attending a moustache party? GLORIOUS.
I like spelling moustache...moustache...instead of mustache because it sounds and looks fancier. 
I like fancy things. 
Including penguins because they look fancy. 

I also love running into my friend Clark that I know from when I lived in Dallas. I have a new game. 
Its called "guess how many events I will go to and run in to Clark"  because it happens a lot. 

I also look like an unpopular German that existed in the earlier half of last century. Sick.


Alex said...

that looks fabulous. it makes me want to throw a moustache party!

Christopher and Amanda Nash said...

I think our live are in sync, even with all of the miles between us.. I NEED to domate P90X too! It's just not as fun as everything else...

sarah said...

ahahahah this post made me can myself.

LOVE the moustache party

LOVE the fanciness of penguins

love that all your friends are super blonde