Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I am so wierd I scare myself

If you were 11 years old and walked into room 307 on Friday you would have seen THIS horrendous creature creepily standing in the corner or swiftly manuevering around the room.

Some were terrified but most wanted to touch my head. I didnt make a noise for the first 10 minutes but creeped around the room staring spookily....aaaand I may or may not have slowly tilted my head when my students and I locked eyes. OMG I loved it!

Is it bad....that I....enjoy...scaring them?

While I would love to just wear a mask for the hell of it, there is a point. I was introducing physical and chemical changes. This is a very important concept they need to know in 6th grade so I wanted to make sure they remember it. Eventually we had a class discussion via overhead projector (no speaking on my part) and concluded that I was still Ms Terry, I just PHYSICALLY CHANGED my appearance. I am still the same underneath, not a completely new "substance" as I would be in a chemical change.

They get to bring their creepy masks to school Thursday and wear them ALL period. Physical changes better be CEMENTED in their precious little brains.

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