Friday, September 25, 2009

This weekend last year I was...

This weekend last year I was bolting around York (England) like someone important with plans to see Paper Planes live in concert. Unfortunately, we didn't make it in time. Darn. But we DID get the opportunity to eat a hot dog in a TOASTED baguette. Dont worry, I had two.
Read the story here.

I wish I could entertain you with travel stories and lead you to believe I live a somewhat interesting life but...unfortunately I cant.
Rather I'll be spending this weekend reminding myself how to inhale oxygen and sprawled out along the couch with my feet up (hopefully slippers on) in relaxation since I unintentionally deprived myself of both of those things this week. Teaching is MUCH more time consuming than it looks-or maybe I just love my job too much :)

Happy Weekend!

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alexterry said...

bought Paper Planes on itunes. great tunes! Will they be coming to the US anytime?