Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Traci Beth Rutledge

This weekend Mom, Dad and I drove to OK city to see Traci. My aunt also flew in from Oregon and brought my grandmother down. Alex was all that was missing. :( We spent the entire weekend with Traci. It was a very emotional weekend, but it was much needed. Traci won't be able to walk but still has full use of her arms and will be able to lead a fully functional life! YAY!
Prayers are still needed as she begins to accept her new life and the obstacles that are yet to come.
Traci was in high spirits, crackin' jokes and everything. She doesnt have much of an appetite but was able to sit up in her wheelchair for most of the morning Sunday without her blood pressure dropping! YAHOO!
Lora and I decorated her room with posters of sexy RPatz to cheer her up. She has the most well loved room in that hospital. Visitors are still constantly dropping by, a sure sign of how much of an impact Traci has made on peoples' lives.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate you!

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