Friday, August 6, 2010

Dear Walt Disney,

Dear Walt Disney,
   You're a pretty genius kid. Your business maneuvers are unstoppable and your kingdom is pretty darn magical. The "Sunshine State" radiates only from the beaming children who visit your castle daily. I don't have a childhood memory without you in it.  Like the time I was Cinderella, Jasmine, Jessie and Poke-a-hot-ass (clearly that one was a little more recent) for Halloween. Like the time you taught me to wish upon a star (or was that just an airplane in the night sky?) or the time I believed Centaurs were real until high school (thanks Fantasia for the embarrassment). I would watch Cinderella, the prettiest princess of them all, for every sleepover in a fort we made with the couch.
In middle school I would write "Belle" on my hand as a reminder to say "Bonjour" to everyone at school that day. (Actually I just said "hello") I remember falling in love with Jonathan Taylor Thomas, plastering his pictures on my wall and running to see Lion King the day it came out. I remember that time I woke up Christmas morning to "Patch" waiting for me under the tree. Brother got Rolly. ha. sucks. Patch was much better. 
I feared Captain Hook, Ursula, Jafar and the seven dwarfs. I dreamt of Prince Eric, Prince Charming and Aladdin. 

I've said this before on my blog but if I had to choose my favorite character of yours, Walt, it would have to be Aladdin.  I wanted to be his lover Jasmine, and ride tigers called Raja whenever I fancied. Her off the shoulder aqua bedlah suggest classy and sassy all in one. What male doesn't appreciate a bare shoulder? I would make brother ride my magic carpet casted by none other than Woobie, the baby blanket (which I still have). I got really good at the Genie impressions.

Your only problem dear Walt, is the creation of your characters. They are too damn perfect. Symmetrically flawless. People don't exist like that in real life!

Until...... I met Robert. When I first saw him on So You Think You Can Dance I was mesmerized by his dancing but more importantly I was all consumed by his ability to look freakishly similar to a Ken doll, and then he happened to play one. weird. 

but I knew I loved him for other reasons. He IS ALADDIN IN HUMAN FORM. That wish upon a star really did come true. HOLLA!

MMMMMM. MMM!! look at that hunk of a man with one giant tooth! sexy. 

and incase you need more proof

I mean come on...he even wears the same outfits as Aladdin. You've GOT to be kidding me!
askdjflskj. This just blows me away.

In all seriousness Robert is a pretty stellar dancer. Here is one of his best pieces

Until next time kids....
la beast


Vanessa said...

I've never been to Disney World but let me tell you, when I went to Disney Land last year for my 22nd birthday (why yes, I'm still a little 5 year old girl at heart) I made Cali shine brighter than all the kids combined. Just sayin'..

I don't watch that show but you are so right! He is just like Aladdin! Get 'em girl!!! 8)

Happy Friday!

Alex said...

I laughed outloud at this. Robert is indeed very pretty. Yes, pretty. I wouldn't mind if he won!

Caroline Henley said...

Aladdin was my favorite too!! And yes Robert is excellent :)