Monday, August 23, 2010

Late Night Liger Trick

Once upon a time I was being attacked by ligers at the bar. So naturally, I pulled a late night liger trick in hopes of ridding them from my presence. 

A trick called TI- 83 Plus was brought into action, quickly making its way from my vintage clutch. 
Its a long story about how my personal number cruncher made its way out on the town that night but it did.

Orange Liger (pictured above) was on the prowl, moving in closer to his prey (me)
I had to act quick.
I pull out my pal, TI, and begin punching keys intensely. I was hoping it would catch him off guard, question his intentions and leave without speaking to me. 

TI-83 Pluses excite the Ligers and make them pounce toward their prey. It happens so suddenly not even la beast saw this one coming. 

"Is that a TI-83 Plus?!?!" The enthusiastic predator questions his victim. 

How do I dodge this one? This kid is acting like I bought him not just candy...but an entire candy store.

Thankfully friends came to the rescue.

moral of the story


Erny said...

You're a riot! HAHAHHAA!

Alex said...

Ohhh you would. Love it.

Sterlyn said...

How did I miss this!?? He wouldn't leave me alone for the longest!