Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Queen of Babble

One of the biggest flaws I find in myself is that Im not a big reader. I am a writer, a painter, a teacher, a runner, a traveler, a t.v. watcher and a procrastinator, but I regretfully can not claim myself as a reader.

Knowing my flaw, hating it and trying to change it I set myself up for failure by turning my desire to read more into a New Years resolution. Those fail 110% of the time.

My New Years Resolution was to read one book a month. Shamefully I admit, I just finished the book I started in January. It was forced on me by a fellow co worker. Begrudgingly, I decided to try it out.

Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot.

It doesn't really sound like my kind of book. I mean it has pink on the cover. I don't do pink and girly. A short time in to the book I could tell why my co-worker was so adamant on me reading this book.

The main character IS ME! Totally awkward, talks too much (out of nervousness), obsessed with England and goes to visit her la rockstar...british boyfriend for the summer.

After reading that one, I picked up the uber interesting Girl with a One Track Mind by Abby Lee while in London.
Warning: Its graphic. BUT about an anonymous blogger who got a book deal in response to her thousands of followers.  I couldn't put it down. So yes, I read 2 books in one month. I feel slightly accomplished even though I should have read 7 by now.

P.S. my neck/back is KILLING me from my T-rex attack yesterday morning. Where is my significant other when I need him? oh wait...I haven't met him yet. Hurry up kid!



oh I want to get the second one! :) hehe! Proud of you for reading..Ps I have determined to re-up my blog next week so Ill be back!

Erny said...

i LOVE reading.

Those two books are not something I would normally read too but hey, who's stopping you, right? It's good to read chick lit sometimes. I'm guilty of that. Hehe. Enjoy!

Vanessa said...

I use to hate reading growing up. I avoided it like the plague saying it was a waste of time. Now I love to read. It's really all about finding a book that can draw you into its world. That's my favorite part. 8)

Caroline Henley said...

ohhh I want to read the second one!! I love reading so much but I rarely have time for it. I have a huge list of books I WANT to read but can't find time for... it's annoying.

Anonymous said...

ah! love the queen of babble. I'll have to check out the other book too!

great blog, by the way, you got yourself a new follower right back. :)