Saturday, August 28, 2010

And then my heart smiled

The first week of school went by rather quickly and very smoothly. I wouldn't say better than last year because I already had a kid sign the discipline book but I have him under control. Its just... last years kids were AMAZING! Zero discipline problems really. We had so much fun with labs and activities. We could rap about landforms and not get out of control. Last year was beautiful. Granted, its only been a week, my new ones will grow on me, but I really miss my kiddos. 

On the first day of school I got a visit from pretty much every one of my 120 lovelies from last year which made my heart smile a little LOT. But there was one kid that I was looking forward to seeing the most.  I couldn't stop thinking about him all summer. Would that mentor relationship still be in place over the summer. We came so far last year. Will he continue to grow in his success?  All day I waited and waited to see his precious little face in my doorway. I would stand out in the hallways in between classes scouring the crowd of preteens for my precious little boy. I waited and waited...and didn't see him at all.

I couldn't help but hang my head as I left work that day. Of all the excitement of the first day I was looking forward to seeing him the most! I return home and explain to my roommate my loss. Abra, teaches 7th grade at my school and just so happens to be "Timothy's" teacher this year. She explains his demeanor in class that day and reassures me that the work I had done with him last year is still in place. It lifted me up.

The second day of school was a circus. I was still getting visitors from last year as well as my students from 2 years ago (now 8th graders). I even had students popping in to say hi that I never taught. They were happening so frequently that I would just be at the other end of the room and respond "Hi, Sweetie!" and continue about my task. In between 5th and 6th period is when it happened. Little "Timothy" was standing in my doorway. I almost didn't recognize him without his glasses. He had grown a couple inches. Then an overwhelming feeling came over me. I cant really explain it other than when I saw him standing there...I wanted to cry. I was filled with such overwhelming joy, excitement and love for this kid that my eyes began to well up with tears. I'm assuming this comes pretty close to the feeling I would have for my own child but since I don't have a child this is the first time I have ever felt this.

"'TIMOTHY!' get over here!" I open up my arms. He lights up. He white teeth couldn't have shined brighter against his dark skin. I missed him so much.

"How are you doing?!? You look good!" 
He lowers his head as if something at his feet caught his attention. 
"Fine" I could see he was still smiling.

"Im so happy you stopped by! I missed you kid. Come back and visit anytime. I want to hear about your summer"
"Can I come for lunch tomorrow?"
This was music to my ears. I was trying to hide my excitement the best I could. All I wanted to do was jump up and down.
"Yes! I'll meet you at the front of the cafeteria" 
"See ya tomorrow bub!"

The next day I went to the cafeteria and he is waiting for me. He tells me about his summer, his goals and fears for this year and I sat like a proud mother. His growth from this time last year is astounding, astonishing, incredible...all of the above. I can't wait to see how he grows even more this year as a 7th grader. 

I guess this was a really really long descriptive post about a student who changed me as much as I changed him. No real point to it except to express the love I have for my kids and especially "Timothy"
This love is a mentor, mother kind of love and no other. With all the inappropriate teacher-student relationships that are going around these days I felt I needed to include that disclaimer. 

All in all, first week = success. Ill keep you updated on Timothy. If you want to read his story click here.

A toast to the weekend. Have a good one.
la beast


Caroline Henley said...

this is so great Taylor!! so proud of you! you are such an amazing teacher and stories like this prove that even more!!

Alex said...

I want to go back in time and be a little 6th grader so I can be in your class!!