Monday, August 16, 2010

La beast goes to a BALL

I'll admit that I had an internal debate on posting about this date. Considering Ball boy just found me on twitter and will find my blog and this post soon if he hasn't found it already. I'll leave all the exciting details of the night for your imagination but I felt it my duty to let you in on a little bit of the evening.

This post really isn't about the Ball or even Ball Boy for that matter it is purely a congratulatory post to myself. A toast to me. For not royally making a fool out of myself. If you know me or have been following for a while now you will know that my middle name is Awkward with a capital A  EVERY letter capitalized. I cant help it.  Sometimes I can be the confident, beastly character that can dominate situations but then there are the times when English becomes my second language and I don't make complete sentences. I don't even have complete thoughts. Throw in an attractive male, cocktails, dancing and live auctions and you've got yourself LA AWKWARD for the night.

To expect a flawless, la beast night would be like saying a strainer can hold water. But I'm proud to inform you that I wasn't as bad as I had imagined I would be. So go me! I must give some of that to Ball Boy and his attentiveness and witty character. I didn't have to talk as much because he had me laughing the entire night. So thanks, Ball Boy. I owe you one.

If you are having a hard time visualizing my awkwardness watch this video of Kristen Stewart. It pretty much sums me up



Dree said...

Aw I feel for you! I can be so awkward at times too, so Kristen Stewart totally endeared me during her speech. I love how you went to a Ball. So classy, aren't they?

Alex said...

Call me. I want to hear of this ball.

Anonymous said...

oooh a ball! I went to one once, they are fun. But there's so much "OMG I'M AT A BALL EVERYONE LOOKS SO NICE WHAT IF MY DRESS GETS STUCK IN MY NYLONS" tension in the back of the head that always, indubitably, leads to awkwardness.