Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Krick's Bachelorette

Krick's getting married and this weekend we made sure she partied in style. It was a beautiful reunion weekend with 20 of Krick's fellow admirers traveling the distance to celebrate with her. Among those were past roomies who have detailed the weekend on their blogs here and here.

But I'll end with this.
I love my life.
I love my friends.
and I fell off my step during a step workout class today.
(Im talking-hit the ground)


Ashley said...

love the dress!!

Caroline Henley said...
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Caroline Henley said...

1. i wish natalie's arm was down in the picture of us dancing so you could get the full effect of my face
2. so glad we got to play this weekend and can't wait for the wedding
3. and finally... your dress is pretty cute :)

Alex said...

Love youuuu! Such a fun weekend. The wedding is going to be EPIC!