Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aggie Night at Dell Diamond

Last Friday the girls and I went to the Dell Diamond to watch baseball. I cant tell you how badly I want to be a baseball fan.
I try.
Really hard
But baseball is so long and drawn out and not AS exciting as the others. Nonetheless, I will continue to try to love it. Until then Ill pose as one. 

I have a secret. 
I may or may not have eaten a hot dog AND a cheeseburger in the same sitting.
Don't tell. ok?

la beast

PS- Roach Update: 
I have two videos documenting the dilemma but my computer and I have been fighting lately. It doesn't want to do what I say. Therefore videos will have to wait until Im more patient or the computer apologizes. 
Whichever comes first


Erny said...

Love the pictures. Don't worry, I'm not a big fan of baseball too but I've always love the atmosphere of the stadium when the crowd went wild.

Dree said...

Your pictures are amazing, they're really great shots. I'm with you- I really try to get into baseball but I just can't do it. When I was little I would just bring a book with me.

I love your blog! I'm a new follower. :)


Vanessa said...

I can not find it in me to like baseball either. It's too slow paced for me. Good for you for trying though! I can't even do that anyone. Haha. 8)