Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ay Babay

Ay Babay

Ay Babay, Ay Babay
Ay Babay

Lets just pretend that I flew on magic carpets over rainbows and through enchanted troll dwelling forests with these hunks in my dreams last night.

Lets pretend that Adam Brody wasn't only rubbing my feet but that he could turn tickles into diamonds.

Lets just pretend that I didnt have to dream about Ed Westwick whispering sweet, british-loving "rubbish" into my ear as he ran for Prime Minister of my heart.

Lets just pretend...That I didn't have to pretend
Because it was all true.
ay babe-ay

(only in real life penguins would be included)


Kelly said...

"Prime Minister of my heart."


Ian said...

man, girls are weird