Thursday, March 18, 2010

For the gamers out there

Brother (a gamer) found this video about a year ago and shared it with me. I think its hilarious and brings me back to the days of super nintendo. I still remember the day that brother and I got our first actual nintendo. I remember going down to Tom Thumb groceries and picking it up. I was maybe 5. Brother would get so excited while playing that he would run in place with his lil tongue stickin' out. He'd start running so fast that he'd slip in his footed pajamas and fall over biting his tongue in the fall. Cute little brother. 

I never got into any other games beyond Super Nintendo. Nintendo 64 got too complicated. I like the ones where you only have to run one direction (right) and jump. My all time favorite includes Donkey Kong and Aladdin. Anyone? Anyone? I knew Aladdin was one hunk of a man even back then ;)

 I had a dream I was on American Idol last night and that I was going to sing this song. 

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Christopher and Amanda Nash said...

everytime i read your blog i realize how much we are alike! It is crazy, i love super nintendo i made chris hook it up in our living room and all i ever play on it it super mario bro. donkey kong and aladin but i can't ever get very far on aladin it is hard! lol i miss you!