Tuesday, March 2, 2010


...where the wind comes rollin down the plain (are those the words?)
This weekend I packed my boots (suede) and my camo gear (t-shirt) and flew north to Oklahoma. I got to spend some good quality time with the family. 2 members were missed. My aunt Susan (lives in Oregon) and....brother
We. Miss. BROTHER.

He is too busy being important in an important art school in Florida like winning important awards for being the coolest kid around. And when he isn't making his 4.0 or serving on every committee possible or starting a Quiddich team (yes. Harry Potter fans you're thinkin what Im thinkin) he is being adorable with his adorable girlfriend which leaves not enough time for sister time.


We. Miss.Brother
and since I was at a farm in smalltown Oklahoma... might as well...
you know
(shrugs shoulders)
might as well

Little cousin Seth was showin his pigs at the...pig....competition Saturday.
I learned more than I ever really wanted to know about pigs. 
1. They are crazy
2. They are loud
3. They smell like all things unpleasant
3. If they stood up on their hind legs they are as tall as me

I also learned that I love the farm but also love the city. Glad to be back at work wearing pearls and not getting questioning looks for being fancy. We all know how I love to be fancy and fancy things like the spelling of the word moustache and also penguins

Goodnight loyal fans. Thanks for reading.
God is GOOD!

x, labeast

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