Friday, March 5, 2010

To be in love

With two things at once. 

I am looking to purchase one (both) of these two paintings. A HUGE ONE. And since it is such a big decision. I cant decide. HELP!
Casey's work is too fantastic. I want all of them and it was hard to narrow it down to these. 

Option 1:
This. is. me. 
Fancy in the Serengeti. Look at her being fancy with fancy diamond earrings and a fancy necklace. She even has a fancy crown to top it off. She looks fantastic in her anthro style dress .
She is carryin' that  croc baby through the swamps. 
PERFECT! I just love it.

Option 2:
But then there is this one... I mainly like this because I want pink flowery bubble things to fly from my passionate kisses. Thats all there is to it.



Danielle said...

I like number one- it so you!!

Alex said...

Number one. I also really want it. I want alllll her things. The other one I want hasn't been made into a print yet and she told me it would be $500 to commission it. Sad day.

Sterlyn said...

I agree number one is soo you!