Thursday, March 11, 2010

I would give ANYTHING

to be here RIGHT NOW

hanging out with them

and listening to this

and getting hugs like this

from the most adorable lovelies ever

I want to be in England so bad right now that it is hurting me.
Hurting me because I CAN go.
because I have the week off
because I can afford it (kind of)
because i want to be spontaneous and just go
because I could have all of these things
but its not safe for a small gnome like me to travel alone.

and I am surrounded by non spontaneous people.
who pretend to be spontaneous
but aren't

maybe I shouldn't blog when I'm frustrated. 
bad idea
bad la beast. 

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Oh girl! Man If I lived in Austin and taught at the same school you did and had a spring break in my life instead of working over 60 hours this week...I would be right there with you :( what if you bought a tazer (sp?) that would keep you safe!