Monday, March 1, 2010

Distance? Time? What?

This is from last week when we were studying Distance Time Graphs. This is probably one of my favorite lessons I have done so far. The kids were 100 % engaged and have retained the knowledge SO WELL. Much better than last year.

Actually. The test is tomorrow. Maybe I shouldn't speak so soon.

I love this video. The kids are so funny. I showed them a graph on the screen and gave them a chance to "run the graph" After they demonstrated what the graph represented I played what the actual runner did on the graph. Most of the time they got it right.

Then towards the end I made the graphs ridiculously impossible and they LOVED trying it.

We just like to have fun. Take a peek inside the world of Ms. La beast

OH! and if you listen REAL carefully you can hear "La Fish n Chips" speaking in his adorable British accent 
and wish you could pinch his cheeks and put him in your pocket to find on a rainy day
just me?
(looks left, then right)
(shrugs shoulders WITH palms up)

Untitled from Taylor on Vimeo.


Erny said...

such fun time in class. i bet the kids love you.

now i know how you sounds like! hehe.

Kelly said...

Love love love the fact that you typed out your actions at the end like stage notes or a director's comments. Will you please direct my life?

Tex and the City said...

You seem like such a fun teacher! I on the other hand, would be a terrible one (I've decided this as I sit hungover at my desk today :/ )

As a matter of fact - I may go blog this ;)