Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So Im having issues with the fact that I am NOT in England right now. I am still trying to convince myself that it is a good thing that I didn't travel anywhere on my week off. I did head to Dallas for an extended weekend. YAHOO!!
So exciting! 
(note my sarcasm)

One convincing factor that it was a good idea to stay put over spring break is that on Sunday I could NOT keep my eyes open. I slept SO much. I definitely needed it and would not be able to sleep if I was surrounded with british accents (men) in an exciting place such as London.

I also wouldn't have had a wine and dinner night with the "Tiny Dancers" if I was in England. A free meal made by a fabulous cook. Yeah I could have had wine and a fabulous dinner, but it definitely wouldn't have been free nor would it have been spent with such good company :)

I wouldn't have worked out with "bestie" at the "skinny jeans" class at Equinox gym for FREE if I was in England. My legs would still be functioning properly and I would not be so sore to the point of immobility  if I was in England right now..but whats the fun in that?

I also wouldn't have gone to the Dallas Zoo with "Crash" if I was in England. A cheap $12 entertainment choice. Look at all the money I saved!

And I got to see this lil guy!

He's wavin!

"Hi! Im fancy!"

these beauties are fascinating

The picture below is a remake of a picture we took once when we were 17 in NYC. Ill try to find it and put it up to compare.

The elephant and giraffes were in a temporary home while their new home was in construction. 
(and since Im sick I sound 5 yrs old)

But I really shouldn't be complaining because Im getting LOTS of visitors in Austin this weekend. Its the South by Southwest film/music festival and lots of celebrities are in town. 
Its my time to shine! Cant wait to bolt around with huge sunglasses and hipster wear with Adam Brody on my arm. sigh. a girl can dream cant she?
Dont second guess that I wont meet every celebrity I can.

other visitors include:
Cousin Lora + friend
Bestie + boyfriend Patsy
Shannon + boy...friend

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Shannon said...

Tee hee.. boy...friend. I love you TNT