Thursday, March 11, 2010

i couldnt find any sandcastles

I feel better
I realized that the fuel for my frustration was that I hadn't fueled my self enough today.
i.e. hadn't eaten more than a breakfast taco and some nilla wafers.
So I ate
and searched for some sand castles to kick 
couldn't find any in austin
so i worked out
(stared at my pull up bar)
then read some blogs to get my mind off things

Now my mind is off things. 

I was frustrated

I also have a spontaneous friend 
all is right with the world
england here i come
(in july)

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my name is STEPHANIE said...

girl I had to make a deal with the Lord that I would not even TOUCH a computer when I was angry/mad/frustrated because I would spout out nonsense like nobody's business haha. naps always help a lot. sleeping puts things in perspective.