Friday, March 12, 2010

John Mayer is not my favourite

(I typed favorite like favourtie because it looks fancier. Can I just start doing that to all wourds?)

Monday these three ladies and I blended in with all the UT college kids and saw John Mayer in concert.
I had never been to a Mayer concert and I must say I was not impressed.
Im an intimate concert kinda girl.
I like to be front row, know the musicians, and be their best friend.
Even if I could be John Mayer's best friend, I wouldn't.

I actually think that if I met John Mayer we would be in a fight.
Not a fist fight.
But rather an "I don't like you fight"

These seats are called
The "Teacher Seats" 
because these are the only seats teachers can afford

Laurel and I were just really excited to be in a roomful of people that weren't 4 or 11 year olds (respectively) on a week night. You know...people that can go to the bathroom by themselves and people that can carry on a conversation without tattling.

All in all, my opinion
John Mayer = great guitarist
John Mayer = douche bag

and my favorite part of the whole night was being stuck in traffic and playing MASH!
my husband = NOT JAMES MORRISON (tear)
my wedding dress= lime green spandex with orange triangles
my mode of transportation= stilts


la beast said...

working on fixing the cut off pictures. bear with me :) thanks for reading :)

sarah said...

i would fight with him

only, i would DEFINITELY punch him sideways. i think he is SUCH a jerk!

i used to like his music, but now when i hear the songs i used to love, i just think about how is a wannabe with a huge mouth and the songs go all ugly