Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Its all about me

I feel like you dont know enough about me and I also wanted to know what it was like to be vain like John Mayer, so I posted a post all about me! I prance through fairy fields when I blog sometimes, or thats what it seems like. Most posts are cheery and happy but rarely do I give insight into the depth of my being. 

Here it is. all laid out on the table. mostly. :)

1. i have a fear of the ocean

2. if i could be anything other than a teacher i would be a meteorologist. the one that is on t.v.

3. i have never seen casablanca or gone with the wind

4. i have never had a cup of coffee

5. i drink sweet tea from Sonic on a daily basis

6. i cant spell

7. i dont care about grammar

8. i hate being tickled..which confuses most because I am laughing and squealing at the top of my lungs.

9. I have cut a wedding cake and it is a stressful job

10.  I could eat a cheeseburger for every meal

11. I was a good kid until the age of 8 when I heard "no" for the first time. Then i started throwing temper tantrums. I went through my terrible twos 6 years too late

12.  I dont like fancy desserts

13. Id rather have seconds on a good meal over dessert

14. when i was mad at my teachers i used to write really small almost illegibly to some how get back at them

15. due to heredity i am supposed to have twins and will be really bummed if i don’t

16. I used to not like red heads. now I hope i have a ginger.

17. I don’t like bearded dogs. shave that or get it away from me.

18. i used to cry on my brothers birthday because he is younger and it was two weeks before mine. 

19. i am attracted to musicians

20. I look up to my younger brother and want to be him

21. I rarely get sick

22. I wish I could speak another language

23. I dont really crush on movie stars

24. I once crushed on a movie star- Adam Brody. Then i made a facebook account and was in a relationship with him on facebook just so I could see how it looked. I was 21.

25. Then girls wanted to be friends with him on facebook and sent me hate messages

26. Then I stopped being in a relationship with him

27. Girls also sent me hate notes in 7th grade because the boys they liked, liked me. How is that fair?

28. I bite my nails and I really wish I didn't

29.  I dont really know what to do when boys are nice to me

30. I think faster than I talk so most the time I dont speak in complete sentences. It is a problem and can be embarrassing.

31. One time, on April Fools, when my brother was taking a shower, I pounded on the door and screamed "ALEX THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE" he came out crying and I got in trouble.

32. one time, for christmas, i gave my brother a box of cotton. I thought it was hilarious. he did not

33. the next christmas my brother gave me a box of cotton. he thought it was hilarious. i did not.

34. my first kiss was like a scene in a movie

35. i have been in love once

36. In 9th grade I got in a fist fight with my best friend "bestie"

37. In college "bestie" and I took a road trip from NY to TX. We got in a fight in West Virginia and rode the rest of the ride home in silence. It. was. Miserable

38. She is still my best friend

39. I am intimidated by pretty people

40. I hate the fact that my mom was 36 when she had me. I want more time with her.

41. I love Jesus

42. My best friend is Jewish

43. I hated bible studies until I found the one I am in now.

44. I used to eat everything on my plate because I didn't want the left over food to be lonely. I wanted it to be inside my stomach with the rest of its friends.

45. Same with trash. All trash to the trash can for the trash can party. (i am weird)

46. I believe that fairness is not about everyone getting the same treatment but everyone getting what they need

47. I just recently started eating bacon

48. I try really hard to be a good friend and keep up my friendships.

49. I am terrible at giving gifts. 

50. I wont wake up to our neighbors sing a longs but I will wake up to a text message when my phone is on vibrate

51. My phone is always on vibrate. I haven’t heard my phone ring in years. I don’t even know what my ring tone is. Probably something like All American Rejects “Dirty Little Secret” from 5 years ago.

52. I am extremely shy in new situations. Then I get crazy

53. I ordered the Time magazine to become more knowledgeable on worldy events

54. I dont eat mushrooms because they are decomposers and it grosses me out

55. In high school I was awarded dancer of the year on my dance team and I will be proud of that until the day I die

56. I actually was going to go to OU and made a last minute decision to go to A&M

56. I still haven't decided how I feel about that decision. It was alright....I guess. I think I would have been a completely different person

57. I choreographed/directed a 10 minute routine for a singing, dancing musical competition for my sorority and it won 2nd place and best choreography. SHOULD have won 1st

58. I love going to out of town conferences and not having to pay for them

59. I take any opportunity I can to travel

60. My brother and I didn't become friends until I left for college

61. I know all of the words to “right round” by flo-rida

62. I pretend to rap or shall I say “flo”

63. I made a 4.0 in college

64. I am NOT naturally smart but really wish I was

65. During prayer sometimes I mess up and say "no wait! God I didn’t really mean to say it like that. Let me start over"

66. I sing most of my actions and truly live in a Taylor made musical. la roommate will attest to that

67. If you ask me a rhetorical question, I will answer it.

68. I love watching sports but cant play them

69. I like fancy things like fake pearls, heals and high waist pencil skirts with cardigans

70. and also penguins because they are always dressed to impress

71. my living room walls are bright green

72. I have had a dream I was falling and I didn’t wake up during the fall. I actually hit the ground…and then bounced back up. What is that about? Seriously, if you know…tell me!

73. I always have to look in the back seat of my car when I get in to make sure no one is there.

74. I have been almost kidnapped twice. Once in 4th grade and once when I was 21.

75. I am extremely aware of my surroundings due to the first incident in 4th grade.

76. I know how to maim you

77. I love backward hugs. When the guy sneaks up from behind.

78. Chivalry makes me melt

79. I have lived in Boston

80. I am obsessed with everything British.

81. If I could play any sport I would want to play football

82. but I cant so I play kickball

83. I love the smell of my sheets at my parents’ house

84. I like wearing boys sweatshirts

85. In 3rd grade I had little people that lived in my desk at school. They were called “The Littles”, were the size of a quarter, and had tails.

86. I love surprising people

87. I hate Hayden Panettiere

88. I wish I had a bigger vocabulary

89. Im allergic to ammoxicillian

90. I have 1051 best friends (says facebook)

91. I abbreviate words that you wouldn't normally abbreiv

92. I try to bolt around like a celebrity any chance I can

93. I went snorkeling in Belize, cried, had to be pulled to safety because I thought I saw a box jelly fish (deadly). The thing is you cant see box jelly fish. I was 20. Refer to #1

94. I dig Earth Science

95. If I could change anything about my appearance I would want dimples
96. I think collarbones are pretty

97. I have never broken a bone

98. I love names. My parents bought me name books starting at age 12.

99. In 9th grade I was broken up with on my actual birthday (Grayson Nichols douche bag)

100. I would take a note telling me how you feel about me over a gift anyday

101. I still listen to Hanson

Sigh. Dont you feel like best friends now?



man I love you...I am going to do one for me after this crazy week just so you can see how much we are like...it is a bit unreal...<3

Erny said...

LOL! this is cute!

Danielle said...

I LOVE YOU hahahahhahaha such great posts.. when were you almost kidnapped?? and im sorry I beat you up. (thats right, i won)

Alex said...

Two comments:

1. I am sad that you hated gingers at one point.
2. I know exactly how you feel about having an "older" mom. Ours should be friends!